On a daily basis we load/unload 5.500 full pallets with forklifts equipped with triple forks positioners for our beverage customers.
All goods are scanned in/out.  This information will be real-time transmitted to our WMS system.

We do order picking on 5 different levels (from full pallet to selling unit).

Together with our customers we execute cycle counting, inventory management (incl. stock rotation) and automatic pallet allocation based on several parameters (ABC movers and characteristics of goods).

For several customers we offer on-site value added activities as co-packing, kitting, assembling, re-labelling, spot checks (quality & quantity).
We attach great importance to a correct reporting adapted to the needs of our customers.
As within our company quality, safety and efficiency are very important, we agree with our customers to follow up several SLA's and KPI's.
We are constantly evaluating our working procedures to improve the quality and efficiency of our activities.  With our Performance Efficiency Ratio reporting we measure all activities in the warehouse.
The interfacing with our customers, results in real time correct data transmission.
We calculate all rates based on an Activity Based Costing model.