Looking back at more than 70 years of success.
Verbessem/Powerline has evolved from a small transport company to an integrated logistics provider.
Take a look at the most important milestones of our successful path.

1943   Grandmother starts a "milk round"
1946   Continuation of "milk round" by grandfather & his brother
1965   Start-up with cooperation with 2 actual customers
1975   Father takes over shares from grand father
1982   Start of warehousing & handling activities
1986   Building first warehouse
1995   Bert Verbessem is entering the company
1997   National contract with a very important beverage company
1999   Splitting transport (Verbessem) & warehouse (Powerline)
2000   Opening external warehouse for a beverage company
2003   Opening office house
2009   Bought 27.000m² of land and constructed 13.500m²
2013   Cooperation with another world wide beverage company
2013   Bought 35.000m² of land and constructed 14.500m²
2014   Rented 7.500m² for a beverage company
2015   Rented 10.500m² for a beverage company